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Lesson 51: “Controls” (7)

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Pop-Up form (2)

Once the “Finish” button is clicked, it opens the new form in “Form view”.


Then we’ll change the display of the form in “Design View” and open the “Properties Window” by clicking the “Property Sheet” button (1) button in the “Ribbon”.

Choose the “All” tab and set the “Pop-up” property to “Yes”, and also set the “Modal” property to “Yes”.

What “Pop-up” does, is pretty clear, and when you set the “Modal” property to “Yes”, it means that this window should be closed first before shifting the focus to another object, in this case the main form.

Next we save the form and store it.

Then reopen the “student_custom_popup” form again in “Design View”.

Select the “City” (1) field and select “yes” (2) to “Is hyperlink” property for the field.

Select the “Event” (1) tab in the “Properties Window” and click the button with the dots (2), on the right side of the “OnClick” property. This opens the “Choose Builder” dialog.

Select “Macros Builder” (3) and click OK (4).


This opens the “Macros Builder”.

Click the downward pointing arrow next to the textbox (5) and select “Open Form” (6) in the drop-down list.

We will continue in the next lesson

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