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Lesson 11: Images (3)

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Adobe Bridge

For those of us who work with Photoshop CS3, we can enter photos into Dreamweaver CS3 in a fairly easy way from Adobe Bridge.
Click on the “File” button in the menu bar and select “Browse In Bridge.”
This will open the application “Bridge”.
First, select the photo you wish to insert into Dreamweaver CS3.
Now you have two ways to import.

The first is by clicking on the “Switch to Compact Mode” button, in the upper right corner in Bridge.
This will display the application Adobe Bridge in compact mode, allowing you to click and drag the picture into Dreamweaver from Adobe Bridge.
A second way is by click on the “File” button and select “Place” – “In Dreamweaver”.

If you have selected a file with an extension that is not supported by the Internet, such as a Photoshop file (“.psd”), then the “Image Preview” dialog will be opened to convert this picture to an extension that is supported by Internet, for example “.jpg” or “.png” or “.GIF”.

By default “JPEG – Better Quality” is selected. But by clicking on the downward pointing arrow next to the “Format:” box, you can change this.

Click OK.

In the next window that appears, choose the folder where you want to save the file.
Click the “Save” button.

In the next window, you can still enter an alternative text to your photos.
Click OK.

A copy of the photo has been added to your page and to the “images” folder of your sitemap.


Adobe Photoshop

To copy an image from Photoshop to Dreamweaver, first select all layers of the image in Photoshop. Click on “Select” – “Everything” in the menu bar.
And click “Edit” – “Copy Merged”.
This opens the “Image Preview” dialog again, where you perform the same operations as discussed in the section above.

After you import a Photoshop image into a page, you have two options for editing this image.
You can edit in the original Photoshop PSD image file, or you can do it “.jpeg”, or “.GIF” or “.png” file displayed on the edit page.
When you make changes on “.jpeg”, “.GIF” or “.png” file, the original file, that is the Photoshop file, is not changed and the two files no longer match.
So it is best that you change your original file, the “.psd” file.
To modify the original file, click on the “Edit” button in the properties window.

This opens the image in Photoshop where you can edit it.
And then to display the updated image back into your page, add the file again and you can give the optimization settings again.

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