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Lesson 27: Lists

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Insert List

To make a list of your text in Dreamweaver, first select the text and click the “Unordered List” button or “Numbered List” button in “Properties Window”.

When the various lines of text are separated by a paragaph, you have no problem. Each list item has its own numbering.

However, the different lines of text that are not separated by a paragraph will be treated as a single list item, as you can see in the image below.

Do not worry, you can give every line its own own numbering by placing the cursor on the text and clicking the Enter key on your keyboard. Repeat for each line.
If you look into the code of your page, you will see that each numbered line is embedded in a P-tag (<p> your text </p>)


Nested list

To build a list within a list, we call this a nested list, select the text and click the “Text Indent” button in “Properties Window” or click the tab key on your keyboard.


List Properties

Once you have a list created in Dreamweaver, you can modify its properties.

To change the properties, position the cursor anywhere in the list, no matter where.
Click “Text” in the menu bar.
And choose “List” – “Properties” from the drop-down menu.
This opens the “List Properties” dialog.

In the top box choose a type by clicking the downward pointing arrow.
In the second box, choose a style number or Roman alphabet.
And in the third box, choose the “Start count”. If you want the list to start on, eg 10, instead of 1, then type the number 10 in this box. The same applies to the alphabet or Roman numerals.

We use “List Item” from the lower part of the dialog, when we consider changing the properties for a particular item from the list.


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