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Lesson 56: Insert Media files (2)

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Insert Flash

To insert a Flash file and by this I mean it “.swf” file from Flash, click the “Media” under the “Common” tab in the “Insert” toolbar and choose “Flash” in the drop-down list.

In the “Select File”, navigate to the file, select it and click the OK button. This adds the “.swf” file directly with the corresponding code in the page.
Where you used to all this manually, it is now done automatically.

Unlike the import of a video file, size is automatically inserted with theimport of a “.swf” file.

All options in the properties window seem obvious to me.
Click the “Play” button when you want to view the “.swf” file in Dreamweaver.

Insert Flash Video

One of the best ways, if not the best, of playing a video on your page is the Flash Video. Everyone has the Flash Player installed on their computer.

All videos on YouTube.com are also Flash videos.

A Flash Video always has the extension “.flv”.

To add Flash Video to your page, click the “Media” under the “Common” tab in the “Insert” toolbar and choose “Flash Video” in the drop-down list.

Click the “Browse” button to navigate to the file, select and insert.

In the “Skin”, you can choose from a number of options for the controls, by clicking the downward pointing arrow.

When you click on the “Detect Size” button, Dreamweaver will try to detect the dimensions of your movie, though I must mention it here that it does not always succeed.  When it does not succeed, you must enter them manually in the “Width” and “Height” boxes.

The following three check boxes are obvious to me.  In the “Message:” textbox, type the message that Dreamweaver should display when the user has Flash Player installed on his computer.

Click the OK button.

The Flash Video is now added to your page.


When the Flash Video and the pages are uploaded to the server, do not forget to upload the skin of the swf file from the FLVPlayer.

These are two files that Dreamweaver will automatically add to your sitemap.

In the next and final lesson (finally), we are all on the server.

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