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Lesson 8: Text (3)

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We use the command “Check Spelling” to check the spelling of text in the document.

This is good or I would have to give up in the middle, I sometimes get criticized on the spellings in my courses, but I am not a teacher. I’m just a simple guy that is trying to teach about software, in a way that I think everyone can understand.

Okay, enough bullshit, back to “Check Spelling”.

To check spelling in your document, click the “Text” button in the menu bar and choose “Check Spelling” in the drop-down list.
This opens the “Check Spelling” dialog.

And this is about the same as the spell checker in Microsoft Word.
Top of the window, shows the word that is not found.

Dreamweaver makes some suggestions that can replace your typed word. Select it in the list and click the “Change” button.


If you want to change this word whenever it appears in the document, click the “Change All” button.
If you want to ignore this error, click the “Ignore” button.
If you wish to ignore this error each time it appears in the document, click the “Ignore All” button.

And we have the opportunity to add this word to the dictionary. Just click the “Add to Personal” button.
This is useful if you ever need to type a company name.


Special characters

In Dreamweaver, we have the ability to add special characters.

There are two ways.

One way is to click on the “Text” category of the “Insert”, click on the characters and select the character you want in the drop-down menu.

A second way is the “Insert” button in the menu bar.
And choose “HTML” – “Special Characters”.

Several special characters can be found under “Insert” – “HTML” – “Special characters” – “Other” in the menu bar. Or by clicking the downward pointing arrow next to the “Characters” in the “Text” category from the Insert and selecting the “Other characters” option.
Select the character in the dialog “Other characters” and click OK.


Adding the Date

In Dreamweaver, we have the ability to insert thecurrent date in different formats.

Click on the “Insert” in the menu bar.
And choose “Date”.

In the dialog that appears, you have different date and time formats from which you can make a choice


If you want the date to be updated each time you save the page, click the check box “Update Automatically on Save”.


Flash text

Most of us would have heard about Flash, but for those who might not know what it is, Flash is a program that applies vector-based graphics animation. This can range from a simple text to a whole cartoon.

Now, we can not go that far in Dreamweaver, but we do have the option of Flash text or even to add a Flash button, without having the Flash program.
To add Flash text, click the “Insert” button in the menu bar.
Choose “Media” in the drop-down menu and click “Flash Text”.
In the dialog that appears, we choose the font and font size in the upper part.
Below we have a number of formatting options.
And below that, we have the settings for the color of the text and the color for the text when we move the mouse pointer over this.
Then we have the window where we type text. Check “Show Font” to view the text in the text box with the selected font.

Below that we have the “Link” box.
If you wish go to a link when someone clicks on this text, enter it here. More about links later.

Then we have the field “Background color”. Here we determine the color of the background in our Flash movie. Flash text is actually a flash movie and has the extension “.swf”.

And in the later, we give a name for the Flash text and we determine where we want to save this movie.
If you do not specify another location, the movie will be stored in the same location where the page is stored.
Click OK when you’re done.

This opens a second dialog.
In the top box you will give a title. This title will appear when the visitor of your site does not have the Flash player available. I do not think such a surfer exists, but you never know.
And click the OK button.

For your information:
The advantage of Flash text is that you’re not dependent on the choice of your font. The font in the Flash text does not have to be installed on the computer of the visitor.
The disadvantage of Flash text is then that Search Engines like Google or Yahoo can not find the text used in a Flash movie. And the size, in KB, is a lot more than plain text in Dreamweaver.
In order to make changes in your flash movie, you double click this in the document.
This opens the “Insert Flash Text” dialog again.

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