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Lesson 9: Images (1)

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Insert Picture

To add an image, first place the cursor at the point in your page where you’d like to have it. In the “Insert” toolbar, choose the “Common” tab and click the “Images”.
Select “Image” in the drop-down menu.

In the dialog that appears navigate to the image you want to insert, select it and click the OK button.

In the window that appears, you will be notified that the file you want to insert is not in the root of the site, and whether you want to copy this file into this folder.

Click “Yes.” We want all of our files to appear in the pages later when we install on the server.


In the next window, we specify where we want to save the file and under what name.

It is best for your site that you put all images in a separate folder, with a meaningful name like “images”.

Just click the “New Folder” button at the top of the dialog. Name the folder as “images” and click the “Open” button and click the “Save” button in the next window.


In the next window, you enter an alternative text in the top box, if your image can not be seen in the browser
window for some reason.

Click OK.


The image, in this case, the logo, is inserted in the page.
The folder “Images” containing the image is also added to the site folder “Gratis Cursus”.


Change Image Size

When you have added an image to your page, you can change its dimensions in different ways.

One way is to select the image and clicking and dragging the blocks that appear at the edge of the selected image.
If you wish to keep the proportions of the image, hold the Shift key on your keyboard while you click and drag.

A second way is to alter the dimensions in the “Properties Window”.
In this window, we have two fields, one for the width (B) and one for the height (H).
Enter the dimensions in the fields to change.
You can always return to its original size by clicking on the circular arrow button.

By clicking on the “Number of bits” on the right side of the properties window we can see the file size (KB) of the image reduction. It’s a good idea to do this, especially when you’ve reduced the image. This will download faster (display faster) when someone visits your site.
Click OK in the dialog that appears when you choose to do this.

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