To crop a clip in the Sceneline first select it in the Sceneline, then click and drag the “In point” or “out point” to the right or left.
As soon as you release the mouse button, the trimmed clip, or in other words, the portion of the clip that falls within the orange part in the mini-timeline is clipped.
When you cut away a portion of a clip, the monitor is divided into two parts.
You can see that to trim and clip the previous or next clip (1), depends on what what you are moving, the “In point” or “out point”.
This makes it easy to select the correct transition point between two clips.

However if you trim the In point of the first clip in your project, then obviously only one clip is displayed in the monitor. This is quite logical.

When a clip is trimmed, the In point or end point is provided with a different color.
IThe end that hasn’t been chenged is displayed in gray, and the changed one is purple in color.
You have to look with glasses to see this, I guess.

To retrieve cropped frames from a clip, click and drag the End or In points in the opposite direction.
So even if you’ve cropped too much, do not panic, drag it back or till the end. You can never drag it more than what it was originally.


Splitting Clips:

As I have already told you in the previous lesson, we can split a clip into two or more clips.

Place this indicator on the time or place in the mini-timeline where you want to split the clip and click the “Split Clip” button.


Both the mini timeline and the Sceneline now display two different clips.

If you want to place another clip or a picture between the two clips, drag it from the project window to the double arrow between the two split clips.
If you want to trim one of these clips, there’s no problem, follow the same procedure that you learned in the first part of this lesson.


Displaying a photo for a desired duration:

When we add a photo to the scene line it is placed with a duration of 5 seconds.

To change this, here also we drag the In-point or end point of this clip, which is a photograph, in this case.


Posting a picture in a picture:

We have the option of posting an image, whether it is a picture or a movie, in another picture.
To do this, first select the clip in the scene line in which you want to place the second image.
Click and drag the second image from the project window in the “Monitor” pane while the Shift and Ctrl keys on your keyboard are pressed.
You can resize the inserted image by dragging the arrows present at its corners.
You can change the position of the image by moving the mouse pointer over the center of the insert image button, and dragging it to the desired position.

In the mini-timeline, the timeline of the inserted image is on top of the mini-timeline of the underlying image.

It is also provided with an in-point and end point.

If you want to remove this go back to the timeline, right click and select Delete.


If you want to see the movie in full screen, click the “Full Screen” button in the top right corner of menu bar.

You've completed Lesson 4