Formatting Worksheets

(Formatting Bar)

Fonts can be an important formatting elements, you can change the font of the entire worksheet by selecting all the cells of the worksheet. Select the button in the upper left corner of your worksheet.
In the toolbar, click on the arrow next to the font.
Choose the desired font and in the box next to the font, you can choose the desired font size.

  • You can also select a different format for certain cells.
    Bold, italic, underline, or combination of the those.
    Click again on these buttons to remove the formatting.
  • To change the text color, click on the arrow next to the text color button.
  • To add a color to cells just click on the arrow next to the ‘color’
  • To add edges to the cell, click on the arrow next to the ‘edges’
    and choose the desired edge.
  • To align cells select the cell and click on :
    left align, center align and right align:
  • In order to center a title on several columns, select the columns and click on the ‘Centering on Columns’ button 
  • To adjust the column width drag the border between the column headings until the desired width is reached. If you double click, the width of the column is adjusted to the size of the widest data in that column.
  • In order to adjust the row height, drag the border between the row headings until the desired height is reached. . 
  • You can format numbers by clicking on the formatting numbers button: currency notation, decimal notation, percent notation,number of decimal places.

All of these formatting options can also be performed via the ‘Format’ menu ® ‘cell properties’.

If you want to hide certain rows or columns that are not easy to print, you can do so.

  • Select the rows or columns
  • Click on the Format menu (Format)
  • Choose ‘Column’ or ‘Row’ option
  • Scroll down and select ‘Hide’ (Hide)

Note that the columns or rows that are hidden do not change the sequence of rows or columns.

Unhide rows or columns

  • Click on the two adjacent columns or rows, the column/row before and after the hidden column/row
  • Click the right mouse button
  • Select ‘unhide’ (Unhide) on the shortcut menu

Copying Formatting Types

  • Select the cell (s) from where you wish to copy the format
  • Click on the Format Painter
  • Select the cells where you wish to apply formatting by clicking and dragging over the cells with the left mouse button
  • Once you release the mouse button the copied formatting is pasted.

If you want to copy the format several times at different places

  • Select the cell (s) from where you wish to copy the formatting
  • Double click on the “Format Painter” Option 
  • You can now paste the format again and again

You can turn it off by clicking on the Format Painter button again.

Text formatting options

  • Within a single cell, you can apply multiple formats to different characters:
    Select the cell, select the characters, change the format, choose a different formatting for individual characters, change the formatting. Ex:


  • You can also put a label into a cell to adjust to the width of the cell:
    Select the cell, click on the Format  (Format) – ‘Cells’ (Cells) in the menu and click on the ‘Alignment’ tab (Alignment).
    Click the check box “Shrink to Fit” (Shrink to fit), Click OK (It must be legible)


  • You can rotate the text:
    Select the cell, click on Format (Format) – ‘Cells’ (Cells) in the menu, Click on the ‘Alignment’ tab (Alignment), Click on the red square in the ‘Orientation’ (Orientation) box and drag the cursor to the desired position. Click on the ‘Border’ (Border) tab,
    Click on the “Outline” (Outline) icon and click OK. This format can also be pasted to other cells using the Format Painter option.


  • A corner label with a diagonal edge:
    Select the cell, click on the Format (Format) -‘Cells’ (Cells) in the menu, click on the ‘Border’ (Border) tab, choose a diagonal border style, click OK, place the cursor in the formula bar between profit and loss, and press Alt + Enter keys, adjust the position of the text using spaces.


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