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Lesson 20: Subdatasheets

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What are Subdatasheets?

A “SubDatasheet” is a datasheet that is nested within another datasheet and that contains data that is related or connected to the first datasheet. Here we view or edit the related or joined data in a table.

To open a “SubDatasheet”, we first open our “Album” table in “Datasheet View”. As you can see in the image below, all our records on the left side have a plus sign (+). This is because we have a one-to-many relationship between two tables, namely the “Album” table and the “Song” table. When we click on it, it opens the related “Song” table as a “SubDatasheet”.


To modify data in the “SubDatasheet” (in this case the “Song” table) , select the field and start typing. We can even add new songs in the “SubDatasheet”. As an example I want to add a song in the “SubDatasheet” of the “Album” table with the title”Ben” for singer “Michael Jackson”.

To do this first click on the (+) sign.

This opens the “SubDatasheet”, or in other words the “Song” table that is related to the “Album” table.

In the “Song” table, we enter six fields:

The first field “SongID” is automatically filled in, remember, autonumber.

In the second field we enter the title of the song, no problem I know.

The third field “SingerID” However, you can only know by your memory, or when you start looking in the “Lead Singer”table. I do not know it from my memory, so I open the “Lead Singer” table and see what the SingerID for Michael Jackson is and it is 2.

I will find the fourth field “Duration”, somewhere on the cover of the CD..
The fifth field “Genre” and sixth “Date” field are easy to fill.

When you go look in the “Song” table, we see that the song just entered, is automatically included. This was not the case in the previous 2007 version .



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