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Lesson 40: Forms for Subforms

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For Forms and subforms

The tab order can be important for filling-in data in a form. By default, the tab depends on the placement of the fields in the form and “Access” gives the ability to modify this order as we like.

The first thing we do is, to open the form in “Design View”.
Then select the “Design” tab and click the “Tab” (1).
This opens the “Tab” (2) dialog.
Place the cursor over the gray area next to the field name and click.
This selects the field.
Drag it to the desired position (3).

If you have fields where no “Tab” is required, for example the field with the picture, then select this field (1) in the form, open the “Properties Window” (2) by clicking the “Properties Sheet” button in the “Ribbon”. In the properties window, choose the “Other” (3) tab and you set “Tab Stop” to “No” (4).


Do the same for the “Avg Score”. “Tab Stop” is not necessary for this.

The same for the “Subform” also. If you want no “Tab Stops” in the “Subform”, select this in the “Main form” (1) and set the “Tab Stop” in the properties window to “No”.

However, if you wish to have tabs in the “Subform” but, you want to change the “Tab order” for this, then open the “Subform” in “Design View” and click the “Tab Order” button in the “Ribbon”.


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