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Lesson 44: Organizing Form Fields

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Organize fields (2)

The “City” row is now neatly placed below the address row.
Next I want to move the photo to the “StudentID” field. To do this, I click and drag this next to the field.
The photo may slightly be larger but, when I place it in a cell, then the whole row i.e the “StudentID” row is adjusted.
So first select the cell containing the image, hold the shift key on your keyboard pressed and then click the two underlying cells.
Click the “Merge” button in the “Ribbon”.


Now you can change the dimensions of the photo, without changing the underlying cells in other columns. This is done by clicking and dragging the edge or corner of the photo.

Does not look bad, but we still have to change the height of the “First Name”, “Last Name” and “Address” fields. Select the field that you want to change the height of, position the mouse pointer over the edge of the field and when it changes into a two-way arrow, click and drag it to the desired height. Repeat for the other fields.

Now we slightly modify data in the subtable. I do not need the “ResultID” column (1), so I can hide it. Right-click above the column title and choose “Hide Fields” in the drop-down menu.

Finally, I want the scores to be aligned in the middle of this column.
Click above the first column.
Choose the “Format” contextual tab and click the “Center” button in the “Font” group in the “Ribbon”.

If you’re looking at the form in “Form View”, it looks a lot better.

There are dozens of other options in the contextual tabs allowing you to change the layout of the fields in the form, but it is impossible to mention all of them here. Most of them are pretty apparent.

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