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Lesson 48: “Controls” (4)

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Combo box(2)

Ok, now we have everything we need to make our alphabetical list. We open the form in “Design View”.

Remove the “Name” field and its label in the form (1).

Then choose the “Design” tab in the “Ribbon” (2) and select the “Use

Control Wizards” (3) option in the pop-up menu controls.

Then re-open the pop-up menu controls and you choose the “Combo box” (4) control.

Then place it in the form where the field “Last Name” previously was. This opens the Wizard for the combo box.

Select the checkbox in the bottom window.

That is “Access” must lookup the record based on the value you entered in the list box.

Click the “Next” button.

In the next wizard window, select the fields that should appear in the listbox of the form.
With the “First Name” and “Last Name”, I’ll know which student it is.

Click the “Next” button.

In the next window, you can adjust the width of the columns in the list box.

Place the cursor at the top right of the column and when it changes into a four-way arrow, click and drag till your desired width is reached.

Click the “Next” button.


In the next window, give the label name for the listbox
“Name” seems quite appropriate.
Click the “Finish” button.

When we see our form in “Form View”, we see that a downward pointing arrow is added next to the “Name” box.

When you click this, it unfolds a list of all students, in alphabetical order.
Select a student from this list and all data in the form and subform apear automatically.


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