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Lesson 50: Pop-Up Forms

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Pop-Up form (1)

In this lesson I will show you how to create a pop-up form in “Access”.
What you need is a form, for example, the one the students and a form that appears when you click on a field, such as the “City”.

In this pop-up form, I wish to see all students from the same “City”.

We had already created the “student_custom” form in a previous lesson, but

I will save it under another name, eg “student_custom_popup”. This makes it easy to distinguish.


What do we need still?

We need a form that all students are listed in.
First I need to make a query that gives me this information.
Select the “Create” tab in the “Ribbon” and click the “Query Design” button.

This opens the “Query” dialog containing the “Show Table” (A) window.
Choose the “Students” (B) table and click the “Add” button (C).
Then I place the fields “First name”, “Last Name” and “City” in the grid (D) of the query.

You should know how to do that by now but, for those who have forgotten, double-click them one by one in the “Students” (1) table.

Then I close the query and save it as “student_per_city”.

Then I make a form for this query with the “Form Wizard”. In the first Wizard window, we choose the newly created query “student_per_city” and place all available fields in the “Selected Fields”.

In the next window of the Wizard, I choose a style for my form as “Tabular” and click the “Next” button.

In the third window of the Wizard, I give the form a name like “student_per_city”, select the “Open the form to view …” checkbox and click the “Finish” button.


We will continue in the next lesson

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