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Lesson 52: “Controls” (8)

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Pop-Up form (3)

In the next window, we first give the easy fields, by clicking the respective downward pointing arrows.
In the top box, we choose the form that serves as a pop-up form.
In the “View” select “Form”.
In the “Data Mode” choose “Read Only”.
And in the “Window Mode” choose “Normal”.

We then present the “WHERE condition” in the box. It seems confusing but, “Access” will help us. The only thing you need to know is where it should go to get the information and a condition which this information must comply with.

We begin with the opening of the square brackets ([).
Then we type the condition. The condition is the “City” because the place of residence for each of the records in the pop-up form is the same as that in the main form.
Once we enter the first letter say, W, in the field, “Access” gives us all the possibilities in a list.
Double-click “City” herein.


Access automatically adds a closing bracket (]). The condition is already placed.

We continue with typing the equals sign (=), open again the square brackets ([) and type an F.
The ‘F’ forms, because we are looking for form objects here.
Automatically displays a list of the different possibilities.
Double-click the “Forms”.


“Access” automatically closes the square brackets (]).
Type the exclamation point (!).
“Access” opens the list the different options again automatically.
Double-click the main form “student_per_city_popup”.


“Access” automatically closes the square brackets (]).
Re-type the exclamation point (!).
“Access” opens a new list with different options.
Double-click “City”.

“Access” closes the square brackets (]) automatically.
This is the code that you should now have in the “WHERE condition”.

Close the window by clicking the X icon (1) in the top right, and save the code when prompted.

Test the form in “Form View”.
As you will see, all students from “St-Niklaas” appear in a pop-up form when we click on the “City” button in the main form.
We select a student in the main form that lives say in , “Lokeren” and we click the “City” link again in the main form, all students from this city appear in the pop-up form.


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