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Lesson 54: Report Formatting Wizard

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The report formatting wizard

Format “Report” in “Layout View”

Open the “Report” in “Layout View”. You already know how to do this.
There are number of ways to format a “Report”.
One possibility is the different themes.
Click the “Themes” and select one of the preset “Themes”.


You can change the color of the chosen theme and the font used in the theme, by using the respective buttons at any time.


To set the width of a field, select a cell in a column, position the mouse pointer over the edge of the field, and when it changes into a two-way arrow, click and drag it to the desired width.

If you wish to change the position of a field along with its records in the report, first select the column header (1), then hold the shift key pressed on your keyboard and you click the first record (2). Move the mouse pointer over the selected records and when it changes into a four-way arrow, click and drag it to the desired position.

If you prefer, you may use the left and the right pointing arrows on your keyboard.

If you have a field that has borders, as in the “Subject” field shown below, first select the field in the report.


Then open the “Properties Window” by the clicking the corresponding button in the “Ribbon”.
Choose the “Format” tab and modify the “Border style” property to “Transparent”.
As you will notice the edges around the field have disappeared.

If you would like to you add fields to your “Report”, open the “Field List” window by pressing the “Add Existing Fields” button in the “Ribbon”. Double-click the field you wish to add. Use one of the techniques mentioned before to change the position of the new field .

By default, at the bottom of each page in a “Report”, we have a page number.


If you wish to diaplay it at the top of each page but not at the bottom , then les54_image009_enselect it and click the “Delete” button on your keyboard. This removes the default page numbering.

Then choose the “Design” tab and click the “Page Numbers” button.

In the dialog that appears, choose a format, position, and alignment.

Click the OK button when you’re done.

More than likely, you will have to manually adjust the position of these also.

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