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Lesson 58: Page by Group

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Page by group

In “Access”, we have the opportunity to print each group in the “Report” on a separate page.

Open this “Report”, select “Layout View” or “Design View”, select the “Design” tab and click the “Properties Window” button.

Select the section, in this case the “Group Footer” in your “Report” to add a “Page break”.
In the “Properties window”, select “After Section” for the “Force New Page” option.

A second way is to select the “Group Header”, select “Before Section” in the “Force New Page” in the “Properties window”.

Whatever you choose does not matter. Click the “View” button in the “Ribbon” and select “Print Preview”. This is the result. Use the navigation buttons to navigate between different pages.


Hide Details

I can imagine that not everyone is interested in all details that are displayed in the “Reports”.
You can hide these details in “Layout View” or “Design View”. Select the “Design” tab and click the “Hide Details” button.

To display the details again , click the “Hide Details” button again.

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