Office 2010 - Access

Lesson 61: Labels

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In “Access”, we have a wizard that helps us to create labels.

First, select the table in the “Navigation pane” that contains the data for which you want to make “Labels”. In this example, its the “Students” table.

Select the “Create” tab in the “Ribbon” and click the “Labels” button.

In the first Wizard window, we determine the dimensions of the “Labels” we are to use.

Click the downward pointing arrow and select your “Labels” (1) manufacturer.

Then select a product number from the list in the window (2).


If your “Label” does not appear in the list, click the “Customize” button.

In the dialog that appears, click the “New” button.

Enter the label name and specify the number of adjacent “Labels”.

Then, set the different sizes and margins.

Click OK when this happens.

And click “Next” in the wizard window.

In the next window, you determine the font, font size, the font weight, and font color.

Click “Next”.

In the next window, we determine the fields that we want to include in the label. Select this field in the left pane, and click the ‘>’ button.

If you have two fields that should be printed on the same line, such as last name and first name, you should first move the “lastname” to the right pane, click the Spacebar on your keyboard and move the “firstname” fields to the right pane.

To start a new line, click the “Enter” key on your keyboard.
Click the “Next” button.

In the next window of the Wizard, we determine whether we want to sort the data. For example, on “Name”.
Click the “Next” button.

In the last window of the Wizard, you give it a name and click the “Finish” button.

As you can see, all the records are neatly sorted and aligned and ready for printing.


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