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Lesson 75: Interactive E-Mail

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Updating data via e-mail (1)

If you want customers or friends to be able to change their own information in your database, we can do this through interactive e-mail, which automatically modifies the fields in your table. It does not matter which email program they use.
As an example, I made a table here of my acquaintances, where I wish to have their name, address and of course, their email address. Without the later, we can not email.
Select or open the table, select the “External Data” tab in the “Ribbon” and click the “Create Email” button.


The first Wizard window displayed, shows a number of instructions that you can go through if you wish.
Click the “Next” button.

In the second window, you determine the type of form you wish to send.
In this example I choose “HTML ” and click the “Next” button.

In the next window of the Wizard, you determine what the recipient of the email can do. In this case, I want it to update its own data, so I select the “Update existing information” option and click the “Next” button.
However, If you wish that he can add new records to your table, choose the first option.
Click the “Next” button.

In the fourth window, you determine the fields from the table that will be sent in the mail and therefore can be updated by the recipient. If you prefer, you can send a field with a different label in the mail.
The “Read Only” check box should be left unselected, otherwise he can not make changes. Seems clear enough.
Click the “Next” button.

In the next window of the Wizard, you determine whether his “Reply” will be automatically processed in the table, or you just want to update existing data.
Select both and click the “Next” button.

We will continue in the next lesson.

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