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Lesson 10: Basic (2)

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Change details

If you typed data into a cell and you want to change it, there are a number of ways. One way is to select the cell, and modify the content in the “Formula bar” (1). A second way is to double-click the cell. This places the cursor in the cell where you can change the text (2).

Overlapping Text

When the content or data in a cell exceeds the width of the column, it will be shown in the adjacent column (1). If the adjacent column contains data, the contents of the first cell will be cut short (2). This is just visually, when you view the contents of the cell in the “Formula bar” (3), you see that all content is still present.

Add / remove Columns and rows

To insert a row, right-click a row number and choose “Insert” from the drop-down menu.

The row is inserted above the row which is selected

To insert a column, right-click a column letter and select “Insert” from the drop-down menu. The column is inserted to the left of the column on which it is selected.

To delete rows or columns do just the same. Just select “Remove” in the drop-down menu. That is quite logical.

To insert multiple columns or rows, select the number you want to insert, right-click a column or row and choose “Insert” in the drop-down menu.

To select multiple columns or rows, click and drag the mouse pointer over the column letters or row numbers.



If you want to insert multiple columns or rows, click the F4 key on your keyboard which repeats the last command executed.
Keep in mind that the newly inserted columns or cells must remain selected. Because when you select a cell, Excel will apply the action on the cell and not on the column(s) or row(s).

Another way of inserting columns and rows to a cell is by right-clicking and selecting “Insert” from the pop-up menu.

In the dialog that appears, make your choice.
All this seems obvious to me .

To remember:
When you insert one or more columns, they are inserted to the left of the selected column.
When you insert one or more rows, they are inserted above the selected row.

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