Live preview in Paste

New in Excel 2010 is the “live preview” when pasting. Where in previous versions you first paste the copied data before you could see how it looks, we now have the option to look at the copied layout before you paste it. This is fun and a handy tool for some of us.

As an example, I have a table with data and formulas presented in a spreadsheet (Sheet 1). I select the entire table and click the shortcut Ctrl + C to copy all selected. If you do not know how to select an entire table quickly, place the cursor in a cell of the table and click the shortcut Ctrl + A on your keyboard. Click again the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A with the titles of the table, to select it.

We then paste this table in Sheet 2 of the workbook using the “Live Preview”. This may be another workbook, but that does not matter.

This is how you do it: Select “Sheet 2” in the workbook and select a cell where you want to paste the data. Next, click the downward pointing arrow under the command “Paste” in the ribbon. In the drop-down menu that appears, you see the different paste options.

When the mouse pointer moves over the different paste options, you will see that the results already appear in the worksheet. If you are satisfied, click the icon of the paste option.


The last slice option in the drop-down list, is a paste option that makes a picture of your table. To move this table, or rather the image of the table, you run the mouse pointer over the green circle (1) and when it changes into a circular arrow, move the mouse pointer left or right. You can also scale the image by clicking and dragging the sizing handles on the edge of the image (2). And you can move the image by moving the mouse pointer in the center of the image (3) and when the cursor changes into a four-arrow cursor, click and drag to your desired position.


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