11. Drawings or ink pen notes-

In “OneNote”, you can draw freely with “Ink pens” and other buttons present in the “Draw” tab.


You can move and resize all your ink pen notes and drawings in the same manner as you do with text. A drawing can be moved using the four-headed arrow i.e., after selecting it.   If you move the mouse over your drawing, a small blue arrow appears to its left.


If you click on the blue arrow, the drawing gets selected.


If you have selected the drawing, it appears within a square box. You can drag and drop the drawing while keeping the left mouse button pressed. You can re-size the drawing by clicking and dragging the corners of the box. For selecting various portions of the drawn object, you can use the “Lasso select” option.

There are also a lot of other attractive features….


12. Audio, video and other file types

You can add audio and video files on a “OneNote” “Page” by clicking the “Attach file” button present on the “Insert” t


Other types of files can also be inserted.

When a file is inserted, a copy of the file is created and displayed on the page in the form of an icon. When you click on this icon, the file opens.


For example, if you want to insert a pdf file you can right click on the icon and select the “Insert as printout” option.



The buttons “Record Audio” and “Record Video” are used to automatically switch on the microphone and camera connected to the PC, respectively, and the data recorded in this manner is also included in the “Notebook”. If a camera is not connected to your PC, and you click the “Record Video” button, the following message will be displayed:



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