2. Creating a “Notebook” (Part 1).


You can create several “Notebooks”. In the illustration on the previous page, there are four “notebooks”, “Personal“, “Word 2010“, “OneNote 2010″ and “Windows 7”. Now that we know the options, we are going to create a new “Notebook”. To do this click on the “File” tab and select “New”.


We have three options which can be used to save a “Notebook”.
The first option is on the “Web”. This is possible if you have a Windows Live ID. The second option is on the “Network”. This option is the most commonly used. When you use this option a backup of the data is also created.

The third option is on your computer i.e. “My Computer”. When we select the “Network” option the following menu appears:


We see from the menu that the “Notebook” is stored on the “Network”. The name given to the “Notebook” in our example is “Excel 2010”. It is stored in “Shared Documents” in this case. After having clicked on “Create notebook” you receive the following message:


You now have the opportunity to send a link to people who need to have access to this “Notebook”.

Click “Send a link via email”. If you dont want to do this then click “No, thanks”. After selecting “Send a link via email“, the following screen appears:

Along with the message, a link is posted to the “Notebook”. Now you can send it to those who can view it and possibly add their notes. If this is done you will see those links that have been added in your “Notebook”.
In the newly created “Notebook”, we see that the first “Section” is created with the name “New section 1″. By right-clicking on the “Section”, we get the following menu:

We can also add a “Section” name: “Collection of articles”.


The “Pages” are displayed on the right. By default, there is only one “Page” which is: “Untitled”. To change the name, click on the “Page box” which is on the top left hand corner and enter the new name.

We will continue in the next lesson.



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