2. Creating a Notebook(Part 2).

The small tab next to the “Collection of articles” tab is used to create new “Sections”.


When this tab is clicked, a new “Section” is added.


This way, we can add any number of “Sections”.



Each “Section” has its own “Pages”. You can create as many “Pages” as you like.



The high-lighted portion in red, shows two sub-pages. When we right click on a “Page”, the following menu is displayed:



This menu has options to create new “Pages” and sub “Pages”. A short-cut key combination Ctrl-N is also provided for creating “Pages” faster. From this menu it is also possible to delete pages.  You can also select and delete multiple pages using the CTRL – key.


Since we have created a “Notebook”, “Sections” and “Pages”, we now can start taking notes, search for articles, link notes, get photos and add sound clips. When you open OneNote, it always starts with the previously saved state. So when you open and start OneNote, you will always go to the place where you finished the previous session.


Suppose you want to collect recipes with the necessary information.


We create a new “Notebook” and call it ‘simple recipes’. This is done by opening “OneNote” and clicking “File” and then “New”.


We choose the option that saves the “Notebook” on the “Network”, we give the name of the “Notebook” as “Recipes”, we save it in “Personal Documents” and then click on the “Create Notebook” button to create the “Notebook”.



We can share the “Notebook” with other enthusiasts but in this case we won’t. If you are working at home with “OneNote”, then you can use the “Web” option to save the notebook on the “Web” in order to share it with friends or other interested parties.


We will continue in the next lesson


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