3. Creating “Links” to other “Sections”, Files and Websites.


Over time, all your “Sections” will contain information. Sometimes a starter might contain a recipe which is present in a different “Section”. It is possible to create such references in “OneNote” are they are called “Wikis”.

We will now create such a “Link”. In the “Meat Recipes” “Section”, there is a “Page” that contains chicken recipes. The Soups “Section” contains a “Page” called “Meat Soups”. On this “Page” there are two soups which have chicken as an ingredient. We now want to place a “Link” between the “Pages” that contain chicken as an ingredient and the “Meat Soups” “Page”. How is this done?


We go first to the “Page” that has chicken in it. This “Page” falls under the “Meat Recipes” “Section”..

On the “Page” that contains chicken we want to have a “Link” to the soup “Page”. Hence we click somewhere at the top right hand corner of the “Page”. The following menu then appears:



We now click on the “Link option” or use the shortcut key combination CTRL+K.
The following window appears:



In the “Text to display” field, type the name of the link and in the “Address” field, specify its address. In the “Pick a location in OneNote” field select the”Meat Soups” “Section” This gives us the following result:



Now by clicking on the “Link”, we can go directly to the relevant “Page”. You can create “Links” in your own “Notebook” and other “Notebooks” as well. You can also create “Links” to files on the network, and, of course, websites.



(1) shows the creation of an internal “Link” within “OneNote”. (2 ) shows the creation of a “Link” to a website by specifying the “URL” and (3) shows the creation of a “Link” to a file on the network.

You can also create a “Link” to a “Page” in the same “Notebook” by specifying the name of the “Page” within double brackets.
Example: [[Sea fish]]

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