9. Inserting an image

Inserting an image is done in the same manner as in “Word” or “Excel”.
You can click on the “Picture” button present in the “Insert” tab and then specify or select the image file that you want to insert and then click the “Open” button.


9.1. Retrieving text from images

“OneNote” can differentiate between text and images.
When the image contains textual data, you can copy the text or create searchable text as follows:

Let us take the above print screen as an example.
We right-click on the text embedded in the image. The following menu then appears:

We now click on “Edit All Text“.

When we do this, we see that all the textual data in the image has been recognized, and it can be selected, copied and pasted elsewhere.
This is very useful because when we search for a particular word, all the text embedded in the images is also included in the search.
By default, this option is always selected.


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