10. Print Screen function in OneNote

“OneNote” has a print screen function called “Screen Clipping”. This button is found on the “Ribbon” in the “Insert” tab.


You can also use the keyboard shortcut, Windows key +S, to activate the same function. This function only works when “OneNote” is running. If you want to select a particular portion of any window, and include it in your page, you can use either of these options and when you do so, the screen blurs and you can see the mouse selection tool against a white background.



We use the left mouse button to select the required portion and the outcome is as follows:



Once you release the mouse button the following window appears:


We have two options which can be used to paste the image.
We can select the option “Send to selected location” to send the image to the selected “Section” in a new “Page”.



The second option “Copy to Clipboard” can be used to paste the image wherever you want in “OneNote” and also in “Word”.

Even if “OneNote” is closed, the quick note feature is active and its icon is displayed at the bottom right-hand corner of the “Taskbar”.



So you can always print screens, as well as quick notes (Windows key+ N).
While creating “Screen clippings”, you can set the options in such a way that the selection will always be placed in the clipboard. This can be done by selecting the option “Do not ask me again and always perform the following actions” and then click “Copy to Clipboard”.



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