Adding an E-mail account

The first thing we do when we want to work with “Outlook”, is adding an e-mail account.

Without this, we cannot send or receive e-mails.

To add an e-mail account, we click the “File”(1) tab in the “Ribbon” and under the “Info” option, we click on the “Add Account”(2) button.


When you do this, the “Add New Account” window opens.

In the first text box of the window, you enter your name. It does not really matter what name you enter as long as you can remember that it belongs to this particular account.

In the second text box, enter the email address and in the third and fourth boxes, you enter your password for this email address that has been validated by your Internet service provider.

Click on the “Next” button.


If, for any reason, “Outlook” does not automatically connect you to the mail server, you can still manually enter the data by checking the “Manually configure server settings or additional server types ” radio button.  Even here, click the “Next” button, and continue clicking the “Next” button, while entering the desired data manually in each window that opens, one after the other. Then click the “Finish” button at the end.


“Outlook” will run all tests to validate your information, and when all these tests are done, click the “Close” button.


If you want to add another account, you can click the “Add another account” button.  You can add as many accounts as you want.
I have no more to add, so I click the “Finish” button.


After this you will automatically return to the “Home” tab . As you can see in the picture below, our account is added.

Deleting an E-mail account

To delete an email account, we return to the background view by clicking on the “File” tab(1). If you have multiple accounts, you first must select the account you wish to remove using the arrow button which points downwards (2). Then click on “Account Settings” (3). After you click “Account Settings …” this pop-up menu opens(4).


In the “Account Settings” tab, the e-mail address is already selected (1), the only thing you have to do is click the “Delete” button (2).


In the alert box that appears, click the “Yes” button.

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