Creating a new E-mail message

Before we send anything, we must first write, or rather type, an e-mail. This sounds quite logical.

If you want to send an e-mail, click on the “New email”(2) button present in the “Home” tab on the “Ribbon” or select the “E-mail” (1) option found on the “Navigation pane”.

FYI: You can send an e-mail to any application, but you must first click the “New Items” (1) button found in the “Ribbon”, and then select the “E-mail message” option from the drop-down menu (2) that opens.


It does not matter which method you follow, but after this process a new blank email will be created.


Formatting Text in an e-mail

We have a number of options to format the text in our e-mail.The first thing to be done is selecting the text, irrespective of what formats you’re going to use. The first option is to use the “Basic Text” tab found under the “Message” tab in the “Ribbon”.


The second option is to use the options found in the “Format text” tab on the “Ribbon”. We have the highest number of options for formatting text, in this tab.

The third option, which has been introduced in all of the Office 2007 applications, is the “Mini toolbar”.
This appears when you’ve selected text, and you move the mouse pointer slightly upwards.

Since all the options for formatting text are already known to all of us,I will not waste time discussing them. If they are unknown to you, you can go through the Word course as all of this is discussed there in detail.


Sending the E-mail message:

Once the e-mail is written and formatted, click on the “Send” button at the top left side position of the email.


The sent email message will be stored in the “Sent Items” folder.


If you do not wish, for any reason, to send the message, but want to store it for a later purposes, close the email window.
After you do this, a warning box will be displayed, with a question of whether or not, you want to save the message.
If you click “No”, then you will lose all of your work. If you click “Yes”, the unsent message is stored in the “Drafts” folder.

If you want to send the message or edit it at a later time,you can double-click on the message in the “Drafts” folder.
This will re-open the message, where you can either edit and/or send it.

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