Automating sending and receiving an e-mail

I’ve already told you how to send and receive emails, but this can also be done automatically by “Outlook”.  Click on the “Send/Receive groups” button present in the “Send/Receive tab”. In the drop down list that opens select the “Define Send/Receive groups” option.


This opens the “Send / Receive Groups” dialog box.
Here, we find the standard, pre-defined group, “All Accounts”.
By changing the settings for this group, you can automatically include the sending and receiving set for this group.

When you click on the “Edit” button, the next dialog box, opens.


In this window, on the left,we see all the accounts that are included in this group. If you have several accounts, they are all mentioned in this column.  Select your account(s) and set the options for this or these account(s) listed in the window. None of these options need further explanations as they are quite clear. If you don’t want an already selected option, un-check the check box next to this option.  If you click on the “Account Properties” button, another window opens.


Here we can customize all the settings for this account.


Creating a New Group:

If you want to create a new group of e-mail accounts, click the “New” button.
Give the group a name, and then click “OK”.

The group which has just been created, is now listed in the dialog box.
If you want to add accounts to this group, click the “Edit” button, and select the account that you want to add to this group.
If you want to delete a group, select the group and click the “Remove” button.


When working with different groups, you need not enter all the accounts while sending the e-mail.You can just select that particular group from the list displayed when you click on the “Send/Receive groups” button.

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