Following up on Messages

A useful feature in “Outlook” is the option to follow up on our emails.

You can monitor messages that are sent, and you can follow up on messages that have been received.
To follow up on a received message, select the message in the “Inbox”, and then click the “Follow Up” button on the “Ribbon”.
In the drop-down list that appears, we have a number of options that are pretty self explanatory.


If you select the “Customize” option, a new window opens,where you can set a reminder for yourself which includes the day and the hour, the beginning date and the ending date.


If a message is flagged for follow-up, a Flag icon is seen next to the message.  When you uncheck this flag, it means that you have followed up on that particular message (A). You can also right-click on this icon in order to explore the other options (B)


To send the message which is marked for follow-up, click on the “Follow up” button, in the ribbon.


If you have selected the “Customize” option, the window appears slightly different from the window which is customized to display the received messages. We have two sections, in this window. One is for yourself and the other is for the receiver.
All the options for both sections are pretty easy to understand.

For your information: The follow-up messages work only when the recipient also uses “Outlook”.


If you have clicked on the “OK” button that appears at the top of a message, you can make sure that after the message is sent, it will be followed up. This message displays the settings that you have used for the “Follow up”.

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