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Lesson 6: Introduction to Word 2010 (6)

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Options in Word (1)


“General” Category

When we open the “Word Options” dialog box, we find the different categories on the left, and the various options for the selected category, on the right.

The first category is the “General” category, with the following options:

  • “Show Mini Toolbar on selection”:
    When this option is checked, a mini toolbar (1) opens, whenever we select the text or numbers in a cell and this can be used to format its contents.
    If you find this annoying, you can disable this option. If you wish to still see the Mini toolbar when it is disabled, right click in the selected cell.
  • “Enable Live Preview”:
    This option gives an example of how the worksheet will look like when a particular command or option is selected. This is very interesting.
  • “Color Scheme” is the next option and I think its quite clear.
  • “Screen Tip Style”:
    This option displays an information window (2) wherein you can find the description of a button, when you move the mouse pointer over it.
  • The “Username” option, is another obvious option.
  • And finally, we have the “Open E-mail attachments in Full Screen reading View” check box. When you select this option, you will be able to open an attachment in Outlook, in full screen mode.



“Display” Category:

The second category is the “Display” category.  In the “Display” category, we determine how the document appears on the screen.



“Proofing” Category:

The third category is the “Proofing” category.  All these options are no different than those in the Excel application, which is obvious. Perhaps the only thing that needs a word of explanation, is the “AutoCorrect Options” (1).  When we click it, a dialog box opens(2), wherein typed data can be replaced by other data (3). This is useful, for example, when you have to type the name of your company several times. This is just the same as in Microsoft “Excel”.


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