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Lesson 7: Introduction to Word 2010 (7)

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Options in Word (2)


“Save” Category:

In “Save”, you can determine the default format in which you want your documents saved(1). If your colleagues are working with an older version, you might want to save documents in Word 97 or Word 2003 compatibility mode.

By default, a Word 2010 document saves information that is recovered automatically, every 10 minutes (2). However, if you wish to change this time period, then you must change the number of minutes in the appropriate box. If you want to disable this option, then uncheck the check box.

The location of AutoRecover documents and standard documents, can be determined with the help of the “Browse” button (3) shown below.


“Language” Category:

In the “Language” Catagory, you can install the language of your choice.
To remove an installed language just highlight it in the list (1), and click the “Remove” button.
To add languages, click the “How can I get more Display and Help languages from…” (2) tab. Note: these are not free.

What is the need of adding a language?  For example, if you need text to be translated from Dutch into French, and I doubt if it could be done without any help, you need to add languages.


“Advanced” Category:

Lastly, we have the “Advanced” category.  Options that aren’t found in any of the previous categories, are found here, and, you can also set them according to your choice.  You must go through all the options atleast once, so that you can make the appropriate changes to your settings.

Are you unsure what of a particular option does? Don’t worry about it then. Just check the “Help” files in Word.


We have already discussed the “Customize Ribbon” and “Quick Access Toolbar” categories, in the earlier lessons.

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