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Lesson 1: Introduction to ProShow Producer 4

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For those of you who do not know, I will first have to answer the question “What is ProShow Producer 4” ProShow Producer is software that is used to create professional slideshows.
This software can be downloaded here. This is a 30 day free trial.



When you open ProShow Producer, and double click on the application’s icon, then this is the first screen that is displayed.

This screen contains a number of components, as shown in the image below. These are commonly seen in most computer applications. They are:

  • the Project window
  • and the Menu Bar with its buttons.

Here are the other components which are exclusive to this program:

  • Toolbar,
  • Project Name,
  • Explorer or file list,
  • Preview Screen,
  • Task Monitor,
  • Videotape-, Or slide-list and
  • Status bar.

All of these components are dealt with, later in this course, and they are explained individually, in the various exercises.


Before you create your slide show, just remember this:

Select the appropriate resolution!

  • If you can fail to plan, you plan to fail (if you can not plan, then you plan to fail)
    Make sure the resolution of your images is high enough for the output format you want.
    eg photo 800×600 – 1024×768 ? PC, PAL 720×576

With whom do you share the show

  • Determine how you plan to share your show (Decide how you want to use your show). Resizing saves time while working with a show and during rendering but this is not really necessary.

How much memory are you going to use

  • Different output – different limits (Different output – different limits)
    The file size of your show is determined by the expected output.



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