Customize display

In Windows Explorer, we have full control over the display of the files, even how these files react to certain actions.

You can order the titles of the columns in the title bar alphabetically, by date or size.
The prerequisite is that the “Details” view is selected for display.
By default, the Windows way Word files also show in this view.
Click the downward pointing arrow next to the title, this opens a pop-up menu where you can change these options by ranking. For example, the arrow next to the title “Modified on” opens a calendar where you can enter a date or range of dates when you want to better sort or filter.
There is an arrow next to each title where you can enter certain options.


Open a folder with photos, Windows explorer displays them as “Medium Icons”.

If you wish to add or remove details in the title bar, you must first ensure that the menubar is open.

Should this not be the case, click the “Organize” button and select “Layout” in the drop-down menu and click the “Menu Bar”.

In the menu bar, click the button “View”.
As you notice, the option “Medium Icons” is selected.
Select the “Choose Details” option.
This opens the “Details” dialog screen.


All boxes that are checked are displayed in the details.

Click the options that you want to add or disable.

Burn files

If your computer has a CD or contains a DVD, you can transfer files to a recordable disk. This is called a disc.

Insert a recordable disc such as CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW or DVD + RW if you have DVD burner in your computer.

In the “Auto Play” dialog box that opens, click “Files to disc using Windows Explorer.”

If you do not see this dialog box, click the Start button, click on “Computer” and double click the CD / DVD burner.

In the dialog box, type a name for this disc in the “name of disk” and click on “Like a USB flash drive” and then click “Next”.

The first thing Windows will do is format the drive, this may take several minutes.
When formatting is completed, an empty disc folder opens.

Open the folder containing the files you want to burn and drag files into the empty disc.
If you want to select multiple items, hold Ctrl key on your keyboard pressed and then click on the files you want to burn.
By dragging files to the disc folder, they are automatically copied to the disc.


A sooner way to do it, is to right click on any of the selected files and choose “Send To” from the pop-up menu, and click on your DVD-RW drive.

File sharing

When working with different people on a computer, it may be important to secure some of our files.
The first thing you do is select the file you want to share with others.
Click the button “Share”.
In the pop-up menu that appears click the option “Specific people …”
This opens the dialog “File Sharing”.
To add people type the name of the account of that person in the box “Add”. If you do not know the name, then click the downward pointing arrow next to this box and select it from the list.
Then click the “Add” button.
The person is added to the list of people you want to share this file.
Click the downward pointing arrow next to the newly added person, and give them a permission level, “Read” or “Read / Write”.
Click the “Share” button when all is inserted.

Select “Remove” option, if you would deny the authorization to the person in question.


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