Aero peek

In lesson 1 of this course I already talked about the “Aero Peek”, remember the thumbnails in the taskbar? But there’s more.

When we move the mouse pointer over the button “Show Desktop”, right at the right side of the taskbar, all open windows on the desktop become transparent, allowing you to view all the hidden icons and gadgets on the desktop.
If you click this button, all open windows are minimized.
If you click it again, then all the windows will open.


Aero peek is also used in Windows Flip, by clicking the Alt + Tab on your keyboard and holding the Alt key pressed.
By clicking on the tab key you can navigate between the different thumbnail views.
The window selected from the thumbnail view is shown and all other windows become transparent.
When you reached the window where you want to work, release the Alt key on your keyboard.


Windows Flip 3D is still available in Windows 7.

Just click the Windows key on your keyboard with the tab key.
Again, use the tab key to navigate between different windows.
When you reached the window where you want to work, release the Windows key on your keyboard.


You can turn off the Aero Peek.
Just click the “Start” button in the taskbar
Right click “Computer” and select “Properties” from the popup menu.
In the dialog that appears, click on the
“Advanced system settings” (1) button.
In the next dialog box that opens select the tab “Advanced” (2).
Under the section “Performance”, click on the “Settings” button (3).
Uncheck the option “Enable Aero Peek” (4).
And click the OK button.
Close all remaining open dialog boxes.


You've completed Lesson 4