Aero snap

In Windows 7 we have a way to arrange open windows on the desktop.
One of these is the Aero snap function.
With this function, we can quickly maximize windows or place them side by side.

For example, we can use Aero Snap to maximize a window.
Click and drag the title bar of the window all the way up and once you hit the edge of the desktop, the window is maximized.

Another example, if you have two windows that you want to distribute evenly across the desktop, in earlier versions of Windows you had to manually give the correct size and place them in the correct position. And do all this by clicking and dragging the edges of the windows.

In Windows 7, you need not do all this.
Click and drag the title bar of the window to move completely to the left of the desktop. The window will automatically position to the left and will occupy half of the desktop.
Repeat this with the second window, but to the right side, the second window will automatically position to the right and will occupy the other half of the desktop.

This can be useful when you want to view two windows side by side.
To get back to the original position and size of the window, drag it with its title bar to the center of the screen.


If you want to maximize a window on the desktop, then drag the title bar of the window all the way up.

If you wish to maximize a single window in the vertical axis, then put the mouse pointer over the upper edge of the window, when it changes into a double arrow, click and drag it all the way to the top of the desktop. As soon as you hit the top of the desktop, the bottom of the window is also positioned at the bottom of the desktop.

Aero Shake

Aero shake is still something new in Windows 7.

When a lot of windows are open on your desktop, it can sometimes be useful to minimize all these, except one, to the taskbar.

Just click on the title bar of the window you want to keep open, and you move your mouse quickly back and forth.

All open windows except the window that lets you “Shake” disappear immediately.
If you wish to open back all the windows, you can repeat this operation with the still open window.

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