The use of

Libraries are new in Windows 7.
By making use of libraries, it is very easy to find documents in Windows 7.

To open the libraries, click the button “Windows Explorer” in the taskbar.


By default there are four libraries available:
Images (1), Documents (2), Music (3) and videos (4).


What you should know and remember about libraries is that no files are stored in a library, they are only to organize our files that are located anywhere on our computer or on an external hard drive.

The advantage is that you can include a folder, wherever it may be, in a library and when it is in a library, you can view the contents from there.

In other words, where in previous versions of Windows you had to navigate to the contents of this folder, with the use of a library here, you can view the contents of any folder. While this folder is included in the library, of course.

Add Folder

I have a folder with some pictures somewhere on my computer.
In the previous versions I had to navigate to this folder. Not anymore, I take this folder into the “Images” Library. I can of course include it in any library, but I think “Images” is the most logical in this case, is it not?

So the first thing you do in the “Windows Explorer” is to navigate to the folder you want in the library.
Then select the folder in the window (1), click the downward pointing arrow at the top of the menu (2), and select the library you want to put this in (3), in this case the “Images” library.
Once this is done, you see that the folder appears in the library (4).
Highlight it in the library, then you can view the contents of the folder on the right of the window (5).


Again, these pictures are not physically in the library, only visually.
This way you can see this folder when you right click it in the menu on the left side and select “Properties” from the drop-down menu.


Delete Folder

If you want to remove this folder from the library, right click the folder and choose “Remove location from Library” in the drop-down menu.
Moreover, this is again a proof that you have only the location removed and no files.

A piece of golden ‘advice’:
Make use of libraries, this way you can save a lot of time in navigating between folders in any location.

Add library

Adding a library is next to nothing.
Select the option “Libraries” in the menu on the left side, click the button “New Library” in the top menu bar and enter an appropriate name for the new library.
That’s it.


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