Type of accounts

When several persons use one and the same computer, you have the opportunity to have different accounts for all these people.

This is useful for several reasons. One, you can set different preferences for each account. For example, you rather work with a background of spicy Madame on your desktop while your spouse prefers states with a background of the children.
And two, you can set several restrictions for each account.

In Windows 7 we have three different types of accounts. You have the “Administrator Account”, “Standard Account” and the “Guest Account”.

With the Administrator account you can install all the programs, change passwords and create new accounts.

With a Standard account, you can change passwords and install some programs.

And if you have a Guest account, this limits your access to the PC and it allows you to use only certain programs that others have installed.

By default, a Guest Account is disabled, if you want to use it, you must activate it manually.

Add Account

To add an account, click the “Start” button in the taskbar and choose “Control Panel” from the pop-up menu. In the dialog box that appears, click the option “Add or Remove User Accounts”.


In the dialog box you will notice that the Guest account is disabled.
To turn it on click the Guest account, and select “Turn On” in the next window.
Once it is turned on and if you want to back off, do the same, just choose the option “Turn Off”, which is quite logical.

To create a new account click on “Create a new account”.


In the next dialog, select the account type and click the button “Create Account”.
Immediately, this account is added to the list.


Change account settings

To modify settings for an account, click the account in the window ” Manage Accounts “.
In the dialog box that appears, we have a few options that all seem very clear to me.

What I can perhaps say is that when you set “Parental Controls” on an account, the administrator account must have a password set.
With the introduction of “parental control”, you restrict the opportunities of those with a standard account on your PC.


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