A Backup

Your computer cost you hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars, but this is not the most important part.

Your data on your hard drive are.

How many hours have you not worked at all this data together, and in your computer store.

So it is advisable to store all this information on CD-ROM or a flash drive, at least once a week.

Windows XP Home Edition install this backup program but it is not automatic, we must do this manually.

To install it, we first place the Windows XP CD in your CD drive.

In the \ VALUEADD \ MSFT \ NTBACKUP on the CD, double click on Ntbackup.msi

When the Wizard has finished installing, click “Finish”.

With this program we can now back up to the same or another computer, a CD-ROM or tape device.

Now if we want to make a backup, we click Start on the taskbar.

And choose “All Programs” – “Accessories” – “System Tools” – “Backup”.

The Back-Up Wizard starts.


Click Next

In the second window of the Wizard, we determine whether we want to “Back up files and settings”  or “Restore files and settings”

We choose the former.

In the third window, we specify the items we want to make a backup.

In the fourth window, we determine where we want to store the backup.

We click on the button “Browse” to choose a location to save the backup to determine.

We give a name for our backup.

Click “Next”

And click “Finish”

The dialog “Backup Progress” is started

Once the backup is complete, click the “Close” button.

Recovering data using a Backup

When we have lost data by a power outage or some other way, and we acted smart by regularly taking back up data, we can retrieve our data.

We click Start on the taskbar.

And again, choose “All Programs” – “Accessories” – “System Tools” – “Backup”.

We click on next, but now choose “Restore Files and Settings”.

We select the backup that we had previously created and click “Next”.

Select a location and click “Restore”.

The System Restore

System enables us to restore your computer to a previous configuration, at least if we had saved.

In other words, we can restore our computer to a previous way it worked before we had a program installed.

System Restore does not affect our files like eg. a Word document, Excel document, which we had previously created, it corrects only the changes in the system configuration, and remove installed software and their files, in order to restore the system.

To restore the System click “Start” in our task bar.

We choose “All Programs” – “Accessories” – “System Tools” – “System Restore”.


We select “Restore my computer to an earlier time”.

And click “Next”.

In the next window we select a restore point that we had previously created.

Once we have selected a restore point, we must affirm.

And we get a dialog stating that the system will reboot to the action to perform.

When the restore process is complete, you see a button appear that we can undo the restore process.

To restore points to make, we select “Create a restore point” in the “System” dialog.

We give a name for our recovery point and click on it.

User account

In Windows XP we can create different user accounts, each user has their own settings with their own password and login.

We have the choice between two types of accounts:
1. Computer Administrator: this type will usually be the owner of the computer and user can create, modify and delete. Add programs, and has access to all files.
2. Restricted: This type of user has only a minimal access to the system, and the configuration can not be changed.

To create a new user to create, we click “Start” in the taskbar.

And click “Control Panel”.

In Control Panel click “User Accounts”.


In the dialog we choose “Create a new account”.

We give the account a name.

And in the next window we choose “Computer Administrator” or “Limited”.

Click on “Create Account”.

Once the account is created, we select him in the list, and can then change the name in the dialog box, set the password, choose a different image, the type of change, or delete the account.

Log into the computer

When we turn on our computer, a log-in window with the different users is displayed.

Click the icon of the user you want to log on, enter the password (if one is set), and click OK.

Modify Users

We can easily change the user by clicking the “Start” button in the taskbar

And selecting “Log Off”.

The next window will ask us whether we want to log off from user or we want to shut down the computer.

When we choose Log Off User, the Windows welcome screen will appear back where we can choose from different accounts.

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