WordPad startup

WordPad is a very simplified version of the Microsoft Word program, and is freely given to us by Mr.. Gates (Bill to his friends) from Microsoft, when we buy Windows XP.

In this lesson we will review some basic skills to create documents.

For WordPad to open we click the “Start” button in the taskbar.

We choose “All Programs” – “Accessories” – “WordPad”.


Once WordPad is open, we can start typing.

The blinking cursor tells us where the text will be entered into the document.

When the cursor is at the end of a line at all, it will automatically jump to the next line.

Only when we want to start a new paragraph, we click on the Enter key on our keyboard.

While clicking on a letter on our keyboard if we press the Shift key down, it will be displayed in upper case.

While typing numbers or symbols if we press the Shift Key down, this will display the topmost symbol displayed in the button.

for example.: When you hold down Shift key and click on the comma key in the bottom row of the keyboard, this displays a ? (question mark) symbol.

We can delete letters or other characters in the letter by clicking on the “Back Space” key from our keyboard.

Or delete letter (s) by pressing the Delete key on our keyboards.


Edit Text

It may be helpful to move or copy text which we have already typed to another place in our document or to another document.

If we want to move the text, we can do this in two ways:

  1. we select the text with our mouse, by clicking the first letter hold the Shift key and click after the last letter. If all the text is selected (the selected text now has a blue background), click and drag it to the desired position.
  2. we select the text, click the Cut button , place the cursor in our paper where we want the text and click the Paste button .


If we want to copy the text, we click on the Copy button , places the cursor in our document or another document where we want to display the text, and click the Paste button .

You can do both (Copy and Cut) also found in the toolbar under the Edit menu.

Formatting Text

Text formatting is done with the buttons in the Formatting Toolbar:


Before text formatting, we must first select it.

Unselected text will not be modified when we click one of the buttons above.

In the first box “Font” we can select the font that we want from the dropdown menu when we click on the arrow.

In the second box, we choose the size of the font that we desire, this can also be done by clicking on the arrow next to the box.

Clicking the button Bold, makes the text bold (quite logical).

Ditto for the rest of the buttons.

Only for “Color” we must choose a color from the drop-down list.

Saving a document

After we have created a document we can save it.

We click on the button “Save” in our toolbar.

If this is the first time that we save this document, Windows will want to know where we want to save the document.

We choose a folder on our computer, or select the drive, give the file a name and click “Save”. If you choose floppy drive, make sure that you have a floppy inserted in the drive.

Open a document

To load a previously created document to reopen, we click the “Open” button in the toolbar.

We search the location where we have saved the document, select the document and click “Open”.

Printing a document

To print a document we first open the document and click “Print”

From the dialog we choose the printer that we want to use, and click on “Print”.

Closing a document

We click on located at the top right toolbar in our document to close.

When we have made changes, and these have not yet saved, Windows will ask us whether we want to save it first.

Click Yes if you want to save it.

Click No if you do not wish to save.

Click Cancel if you want to continue editing the document.

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