Paint startup

Paint is a software program that is provided to us to make drawings.

This is also freely given to us by Mr.. Gates (Bill to his friends) from Microsoft, when we buy Windows XP.

In this lesson I will show you some skills to make a drawing on your computer.

To open Paint we click the “Start” button in the taskbar.

We choose “All Programs” – “Accessories” – “Paint”.


Once the “Paint” program is open, we can start drawing.

Drawing shapes and lines

In the document we can now draw shapes by first selecting a property in the form.

We can choose from the various forms such as rectangle, polygon, ellipse , rounded rectangle.

We can choose various properties such as line, curve, and fill with color.

And we chose a line color by right clicking on a color from the color palette, and with the left mouse button to select a fill color.

Choose appropriate colors and click and drag in the document until you’ve reached the desired size.

Release your mouse button.

If you wish to draw a square or circle, first select rectangle or ellipse, hold the shift key on your keyboard while you click and drag the same in your document.

To draw a line first select the Line button, select a color, click and drag your mouse to the beginning of the line until the end of the line.

Add Text

To add text, we first click the text button.

Then we choose a color from the color palette.

Then click and drag a text box on our document where we want to type the text.

You can simply click with the mouse pointer in the document, and resize the text box by dragging the corners.


Type the text in the text area provided, you can still adjust the size of the text to your text area.

You can change the formatting of the characters by using the “Fonts” toolbar that pops up in the document once we click the button text.

When you’re done, click outside the text box.

Parts removed from an image

We can remove items from our image by pressing the “Erase” button, choose a size for our eraser, and the parts of our image, click and drag that we want to erase.

Save image and open

When we are satisfied with our drawing we skip this by clicking File – Save in our toolbar.

If this is the first time that we save this document, Windows will want to know where we want to save the document.

We choose a folder on our computer, or select the drive, give the file a name and click “Save”. If you choose floppy drive, make sure that you have a floppy in the drive.

Basically the same as in the lesson above, the program WordPad.

To a previously saved drawing to open it, we click on File – Open in the toolbar.

We search the place where we have saved the document, select it and click “Open”.

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