Lesson 1: Introduction to Access
Office 2000-2002-2003-XP

Introduction to Access

What you will learn
  • The Access Window
  • Overview of a database
  • Working with database objects
  • Opening and closing a database
  • Database objects

Lesson 2: Creating Relational Database Tables
Office 2000-2002-2003-XP

Creating Relational Database Tables

What you will learn
  • Key Points
  • Creating a new database
  • The card or Flat File
  • The relational model for data storage
  • Tips for creating relational databases
  • Creating a relational database tables
  • Creating a Primary Key in a table

Lesson 3: The use of tables
Office 2000-2002-2003-XP

The use of tables

What you will learn
  • The different windows
  • Using Datasheet View (Datasheet View)
  • Navigating in Datasheet View
  • Add records in Datasheet View
  • Edit and delete records in Datasheet View
  • Adding new fields
  • Rename fields
  • Remove fields

Lesson 4: Field Properties
Office 2000-2002-2003-XP

Field Properties

What you will learn
  • Entering field properties
  • The "Field Size" field property
  • The representation of the field property for Date / Time fields
  • The representation of the field property for Logical fields
  • Enter default values for fields
  • Entering Input Masks
  • The creation of validation rules and reactions
  • The requirements of a data input

Lesson 5: Linking tables (Tables Joining)
Office 2000-2002-2003-XP

Linking tables (Tables Joining)

What you will learn
  • The Relationships window (Relationships Window)
  • Enforcing Referential Integrity (Enforce Referential Integrity)
  • Entering data with lookup lists ( Lookup Fields)

Lesson 6: Indexing tables
Office 2000-2002-2003-XP

Indexing tables

What you will learn
  • Indexes
  • The index creation
  • Creating a Primary Key for multiple fields
  • Removing Indexes

Lesson 7 – Part 2: Queries (2)
Office 2000-2002-2003-XP

Queries (2)

What you will learn
  • Joining Tables in a Query (Query Joins)
  • Adding criteria to the query grid
  • "Run" A Query
  • Writing SQL Code
  • Sorting results from a Query
  • Hide fields in a result
  • Using comparative operators (Comparison Operators)
  • The use of "And" and "Or" conditions

Lesson 8: Advanced Queries
Office 2000-2002-2003-XP

Advanced Queries

What you will learn
  • The use of the "Between ... And" Condition
  • The use of random characters (Wild Cards) in Queries
  • Fields with calculations
  • Fields with the highest values (Top Value)
  • Function Queries
  • Parameter Queries

Lesson 9: Advanced Query types
Office 2000-2002-2003-XP

Advanced Query types

What you will learn
  • Make-table queries
  • Udate Queries
  • Append Queries
  • Delete Queries
  • Crosstab Query (Cross Table Query)
  • The "Find Duplicates" query