Downloading the App the on iPad

Open the App Store


When you open the App store you will get a similar page as the one below. When you want to download a specific App, you can enter the name of the App in the “Search Store” area on the upper right corner of the screen.
If you are interested in general as to what is new and newsworthy you can just screen through the starting page as to what is new,  what Apple recommends, what is hot, etc.


Here you can also view the most popular Apps, the Apps which have been downloaded most, etc.



When you press “Top Charts” you get three lists:
Paid: Apps for which you need to pay
Free: Apps which you can download for free
Top Grossing: Apps which are top in earning revenues

You can scroll all three lists


I will now download “Fruit Ninja” as an example



When you press on “Fruit Ninja HD” another window is opened providing more details on the App.
When you are ready to download the App press “Free”. If it is an App for which you need to pay then press on the “price”.



Next press “Install App” or if it is an App for which you need to pay “Buy App”



You can also download (free or purchase) the App from the Top Charts by pressing the “Free” or “Price” button on the App.

Next, a window as below will appear requesting your Apple ID Password. When you do not yet have an Apple ID and Password yet, a somewhat different window will appear where you will have the opportunity to make an Apple ID and Password. Just follow the instructions.



Once you login, the selected App will start downloading.
You can follow the download progress through a little bar which colors blue as the download progresses.



When the App is downloaded you will find it among your other Apps.


You've completed Downloading iPad Apps