The “Rectangle primitive” and “Oval primitive” tools

The “Rectangle primitive” and “Oval primitive” tools allow us to change some aspects of a shape after they are signed.

Just click the “Polygon” tool, I will call it the “shape tool” because I do not know what tools you want on the foreground. Select the “Rectangle primitive” tool in the drop-down menu.


When we have a rectangle drawn with the “Rectangle primitive” tool you can change the radius of the corners at any time.
All you have to do is select the shape in the drawing area, and change the value in the space provided under the “Rectangle Options” section.

There is even more you can do with the “Corner Radius unlock” button. You can enter positive or negative values for each corner angle separately.

When you press the “Corner Radius” button to lock it, all corners of the rectangle assume the radius of the upper right corner of the rectangle.

In the above case, it would therefore be 24.

Tip: You can press “Ctrl+Z” to undo this operation. You do not have to retype these settings for different angles.
With the “Tab” key on your keyboard, you can quickly navigate between the options in the “Properties window”.

Same goes for the “Oval primitive ” tool.
Again, we can change the properties of the oval “Start Angle”, “End Angle” and “Inner Radius” at any time after signing.

This is even better because when you move the sliders,, you will immediately see the result. Something like a live preview of the “Office” applications.

Click the “Close Path” so that it is unchecked, will leave the form open and fill the form of removal.


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