The “Tools panel”: A closer look

With the tools in the “Tools panel”, we can draw illustrations, colorize, customize and change the appearance of the work.

Like all other panels, in this panel also we can click and drag objects to the position we desire.

The “Tools panel” is divided into four sections:

  1. The tools area contains tools for drawing, painting and selection tools.
  2. The display area contains tools for zooming and panning in the application window.
  3. The color range includes options for stroke and fill colors.
  4. The options area contains options for the then drawn shape. The same options are also in the properties window.

If multiple tools are in one place, the tool that was last used, is represented by an arrow in the lower right corner of the icon.

This arrow indicates that there are several tools in a pop-up menu there.

When you move the mouse over the icon and hold, the other tools in this group will appear in a pop-up menu.

More about all these tools when we actually use it.


Adjust “Tools panel”

To add or delete tools from the “Tools panel”, click “Edit” in the menu bar and select “Tools panel to adjust …” the drop-down menu.

This opens the “Customize Tools panel” dialog.

In “Flash” is not like in “Excel” or “Word” that you can add or remove buttons on the bar itself.

Wherever you want to add or remove buttons, the pop-up menus open when you click the black arrow at the bottom right icon in the toolbar.

For an extra button, or subbutton as I will call it, to be added to an existing button, first select the existing button on the left of the dialog (1), choose the subbutton from the list (2) that you want to add and you click the “>>Add>>” button.

Click the OK button when you’re done.

To remove a button from the pop-up menu of a button, select the button on the left of the dialog (1), all selected tools appear in the right part of the dialog box, select those you want to delete (4), and click the “<<Remove<<” button (5).

Click the OK button when you’re done.


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