8.” Page versions”

All the annotations or short notes you create are stored immediately.
To prevent a loss of data, “OneNote” keeps previous versions of “Pages”.
If you right click on a page the following menu appears.


If you now click on “Show Page Versions”, depending on how often you have adjusted the page, the previous versions of the page with the date and name of the author appear (so you know, if you have shared the “Notebook”, who has made changes and when).

If you right click on an earlier version then the following menu appears:

You can retrieve a previous version by clicking on “Restore version”.
The current version is then replaced by the selected previous version.
You have the option of keeping or removing previous versions.

The “Page Versions” option in the “Share” tab on the “Ribbon” also has a number of options for editing previous versions.

Now we click on the “Recent edits” option to get some more options.

With the “Notebook Recycle Bin” option, you can enable or disable the tracking the history for the whole notebook.


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