Photoshop - CS5

Lesson 8: Arrange Documents

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The “Arrange Documents”

In Photoshop CS5, we have the option to “Arrange documents”.  What this option does is, it divides the open photos in different panes.

We use this example, to drag a selected portion of one photograph to another.   As an example I opened five photos.  When I click the button “Arrange Documents” in the Application bar, a menu opens with various options to view several open photos at the same.  As an example, I chose four photos. This gives four pictures each in their own window. The fifth photo is placed under the same window as the fourth.  The active picture, that is the picture with the light gray tab, is the photo No. 1 in this case.  To activate another photo, click the tab, or click in the picture.

If you want to move a picture, click and drag the tab of the photo to where you’d like to have. When a blue line appears, release the mouse button.

You can insert a photo to any position you want. If you want to place a picture between other pictures, no problem, if you want to place it under a different tab, no problem. Once you see a blue bar, release the mouse button.

There are a number of other options in the drop-down menu for “Arrange documents”:

The “Zoom adjust” will adjust all the photos to the same zoom value.

The “location adjustment” will all adjust all the photos to the same location, or at least try.

To navigate using the “Hand” tool in all the pictures at the same time, hold the Shift key on your keyboard while you drag in a photo with the “Hand”.


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