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Lesson 56: Report Header and Footers

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Report Header and Report Footers

Another section of the “Report” is, the “Report header” and “Report footer”. “Report Header” is displayed only at the top of the first page of the “Report”. “Report Footer” is placed only on the last page of the “Report”.

To add a “Report Header” or “Report footer” to a “Report”, first open these sections. Right-click anywhere on the report and select “Report header/ Footer” in the pop-up menu.

The “Report Header/ Footer” is a toggle button like the “Page Header / Footer”.
This opens both sections in the “Report”. In this example I’m using a logo and will add a title to the “Report Header” section.

To add a logo, select the “Design” tab in the “Ribbon” and click the “Logo”. In the dialog that appears, navigate to the location on your computer where this logo is, select it and click the “OK” button. The logo will automatically be added to the “Report Header” section. You may adjust its size by clicking and dragging the corners of the image.

Then I add a title by clicking on the “Title”.

Type the title and click the “Font” button in the “Ribbon” to change the format .

You may also add something in “Report Footer” section. I do not know what to add at this time, so I drag it to the edge of the “Page Footer” (1) section.

Save the “Report” and see the result by pressing the ” Report View” button in the “Ribbon”.


Group Fields

We can group information in our “Report” to display the data clearly . A group distinguishes the data in our “Report” with a “Header” and sometimes with a “Footer”.

We make groups in “Design View” or “Layout View”.

In this example I choose “Layout View”.

Under the “Design” tab, click the “Group & Sort” button. This opens the “Group, Sort and Total” section at the bottom of the window.

Click the “Add Group” button and select the field that you want to make a group for.
In this case, I wish to group by student.

Immediately, the layout of the “Report” changes accordingly.

The “Student” field is placed at the far left of the “Report” and each different student of this field is displayed as a group header .

The group can also be the sorted on its values, from A to Z or vice versa.
If you want to group by multiple fields, click the “Add Group” button.
If you want to change the order of grouping, click and drag the control lever of the respective field to the desired position.
Or select the field and click the upward or downward pointing arrows. If you want to delete a group, select it and click the button with the cross (X).


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