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Lesson 43: Form Layouts

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Organize fields (1)

The “Layout view” is based on tables. To select the entire table, click the fourfold arrow that appears (1), when you click a field in the form. If you want to move the entire table, click and drag with this fourfold arrow.

Just like in “Word” or “Excel”, it has a table of columns (2) and rows (3).

If you wish to change the width of a column, place the mouse pointer over the edge of a field and when it changes into a two-way arrow, click and drag it to the desired width.

If you wish to move the contents of a cell, click and drag it to the desired position

The field Zipcode seems a bit too broad. If we want to change, you will see that all fields in this column are modified.

For this we must first divide this cell. So select the cell, select the contextual tab “Arrange” and click the “Split Horizontally” button. This will divide the cell into two. We repeat this again so that our cell now is split into three parts: one with the zip code, and two empty cells. We remove the two empty cells in the row by selecting them and clicking the delete key on our keyboard .

Then click and drag the ‘City’ cell next to the the zipcode cell. Different cells can individually be modified. I remove the “Zipcode” label by selecting it and clicking the delete button on the keyboard, then I drag the “City” label to this position.

Now we have a blank row between the address row and picture row.
Right-click an empty cell in this row and select “Delete Row” in the drop-down menu.

We will continue in the next lesson

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