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Lesson 57: Group Footers and Page Breaks

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Group footer

We can have “Group footer” with each group. For example if I want to know what the total score per student is, select the “Layout View” and click the “Group & Sort” button in the ribbon. This reopens the “Group, sort and total” section at the bottom of the window.
Click the “More” button.

This gives us several options. Click on the downward pointing arrow next to the footer option on the second line, and choose “With a footer section” in the drop-down menu.

Then you have to decide what you want in this “Group Footer” section.
In the top row, click on down pointing arrow next to the ” With no totals.”
In the pop-up window that appears, in the top box, choose the field that you want to calculate the totals for.

In the second box choose the “Type” of the operation, in this case, the “sum”.

And in the lower part of the pop-up window, choose the place in your document where you want to display this sum. In this case, the “Group Footer”.

Now, when you switch to “Report View”, you see that a totals row is inserted for each student.


Insert Page Break

You can insert a “Page break” in the “Report”, where you want a new page within a section.

In this example I want each student displayed on his own page.

That aside:

I have the logo and title in the “Page Header” that has to be repeated on every page. To do this, add the logo and a title in the way you saw in the previous section of this lesson, so drag it to the “Page Header” section.

Click on the “Report Header / Footer” toggle button to remove these sections.

OK, we go further by, first selecting the “Design” contextual tab and by clicking the “Insert Page Break” button.

Click the location in the section, in this case the “Footer” section, where you want to insert the “Page break”. The “Page break” appears as a short dotted line in your “Report”.

You can always move it by selecting and dragging it.

In order to view the “Page break”, you should switch to “Print Preview” display.

Just click the downward-pointing arrow below the “View” button in the “Ribbon” and select “Print Preview”.

Use the navigation buttons to navigate between records.


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